I suppose it’s time for a personal update.

What’s up? Not a lot.

School started last week, so I’m back to my rigorous school schedule of 6 hours of school work a day. My plan is that if I can wake up at 5 o’clock, I can eat, have devotions, give the dog a walk and do my jobs by 6:30, and start school. That means that if I go to bed early, if I don’t read over breakfast and if I stay focussed during school, I can finish everything by 1:00, giving 30 minutes for family devotions and family meeting.

That’s the theory. In reality, I’m not there yet. In particular, I keep falling to the temptation to read over breakfast, which means I get carried away with my book and spend 90 minutes instead of 10 over food! As you can imagine, that just wrecks my schedule. However, I will get there! What’s the normal schedule for you guys?

The other exciting news is that Parliament has started sitting again this week after having a couple of weeks off. Ever since I came back from Canberra, I’ve been paying more notice to politics, and so, this afternoon, I’m going to watch Question Time on TV. Provided I’m not lagging in my schoolwork, I’m intending to watch it as often as the family schedule permits.

In Canberra I also discovered that parliament is broadcast on FM radio. Hopefully we get reception for it. So I’m intending to keep up to speed with politics via the TV and the radio- as well as the news of course.

I should post some photos of the model soldiers I’ve been painting soon- they look pretty good.

Well, that’s about all that’s happening over here. What are you guys up to?