I found a couple of news articles on Yahoo! which I found quite concerning. The first one was about a new movie directed by Peter Jackson, of Lord of the Rings fame. He was hoping to produce a PG13 rated film, because that it believed to attract the greatest number of viewers. However, early screening audiences complained that there was not enough violence! They were disappointed that the death of one character was not more grisly and visual, so Jackson went back and tried to “improve” it. Although it’s sad that Jackson bowed to such pressure, he is the creator of LOTR, so it’s not as if you could expect a very clean movie. What was really disturbing though was that people wanted more violence- more gore. It reminded me of ancient Rome- not just their Coliseums and gladiators, but even the theatres, which had real, live crucifixions! It’s disturbing that the modern world seems to becoming fascinated with gore and violence as well.

The second one was about a van heist anti-hero in France. This security van driver had over a million euros in his van, and he stole the money and then disappeared. On the Internet, he was being hailed as a hero! There were Facebook fans, even a “Tony Musulin for President” page and another called “The World Is Yours: Tony Musulin Best Driver 2009”. People were praising his robbery as “the heist of the century” and congratulated him on his “no guns, no violence” approach. Now he has turned himself in to the police. But what I want to know is why do people see him as a hero? He’s a robber! He stole other people’s money. What’s admirable in that?

Is it that he was like a modern-day Robin Hood, stealing from the rich, and now people are happy to see the rich people get what’s coming to them? Or do people just value cleverness over goodness? Do people congratulate somebody on putting on a “good show” even if such shows destroy the social fabric of society? Are we so bored and corrupted? If robbery and violence becomes acceptable, then society quickly runs down hill. I would like to try and understand why he became such an anti-hero, if anyone has any ideas, please tell me.

I don’t remember if I told you guys this, but I’m attempting to write a 50,000 word story in one month- to be finished by the end of November. I am currently sitting at the 10,000 word mark, which means that I have a LOT of typing to do. I’m still going to cross the 50K mark by the 30th, don’t worry, but it’s going to take some work. But I will get there! I think my next post will spill some of the plot.