Here we go… the first photos I’ve ever posted on this blog (or any blog for that matter!) Excited? Here you go…

And… they’re about plastic objects.

That figures. (Excuse the pun.)

One of my hobbies is wargaming. Apparently wargaming conjures up images of computer games, so I better clarify what I’m talking about. Although I do play some computer wargames, when I say “wargaming” I mean playing with soldiers.

The idea is that you buy some model soldiers and paint them with the correct uniform, and then normally you glue them onto wooden bases. Once you’ve done that, you’re ready to play battles with your new miniature army. There are many different sets of rules for different time periods (ancients, modern, Lord of the Rings) but most of them all work the same way.

The way most rules work is that you use a ruler to measure how far your troops can move (depending on how fast the real-life soldiers were) and a dice for fighting. While good troops are more likely to win fights, the dice means that there is still a chance factor, just as in real life, where you never know exactly who will win. There’s also a strategy factor- you make your own decisions, and your own mistakes, instead of slavishly copying the historical battleplan. The rules limit you to the limitations that the real generals faced- how fast their soldiers could march, how good they were at fighting etc, and then you have to make your battleplan around that, just as the real generals did.

So I have been painting some of Napoleon Bonaparte’s infantry (in the blue coats) from 1808 to 1812- when Napoleon was at the height of his power. I’ve glued them to balsa wood bases which I’ve painted green and cut some polystyrene foam and painted that green for hills. Put that on a felt cloth and you have…

These cannons are actually English Civil War models, but they look similiar to Napoleon's!

While these are all Napoleon's infantry, there were several types, which is why they have different coloured feathers (plumes) on their hats (called Shakos) in some of these photos

Ready! Aim! Fire!

Last one- a birdseye view of the battlefield

Daniel, my younger brother, and I are having a painting spree at the moment so I’ll post up more photos when we have more figures.