I am now an university student!

I enrolled yesterday into Macquarie university, Sydney. I’m aiming for a Bachelor of Arts, majoring in history and politics. I might go for a post-graduate degree too, we’ll see how I go.

I’m actually going to do it externally, at home, via the internet; thanks to Open Universities Australia. They allow you to complete a proper uni degree at home, and balance study with work schedules and family commitments etc. It’s also a lot cheaper than paying for all the living costs on campus. Thirdly, I’ll still be with my family and in my community, instead of leaving both for a couple of years while being at Uni.

I’m really looking forward to it- I’ll be studying things like “The Making of Australia” “The World Since 1945- An Australian Perspective” “Critical Thinking” “The Fall of the Roman Republic” “The Eastern Roman Frontier” “Mind, Meaning and Metaphysics” and lots of other really neat stuff!

It’s going to mean a lot of work though- I will still be doing some “normal” schoolwork- math, science, latin, Bible and worldview mostly, and I still have to earn enough money to finish the degree. As I said, it’s really exciting. Hopefully I’ll keep you all in touch with how I’m going, even share some of my thoughts as I study.

I don’t like to get excited, as a rule, but even melancholy me is anticipating this!