Yesterday I watched most of the economy debate between Treasurer Wayne Swan and Shadow Treasurer Joe Hockey.
They spent a fair amount of time going around in circles but funnily enough, I think I enjoyed listening to them more than I did to Gillard and Abbott. I’ll try and find a transcript of the debate, until then, here are my initial, rough impressions. All quotes are as I remember them and may not be exact, until I find verbatim quotes.

As a Christian, I believe that every issue falls under the Lordship of Jesus Christ. That doesn’t mean I vote for a theocracy; it that means that my belief there is a God will affect my politics every bit as much as Julia Gillard’s belief there isn’t a God. So I want to examine each of the issues from a Biblical perspective.

As an introduction for readers who haven’t been following the politics, Wayne Swan is the deputy Prime Minister and the Treasurer of the Labor (Left-wing) government. During the Global Financial Crisis he and the Labor government instigated a massive stimulus program, which came under heavy discussion for waste and unnecessary debt. He also introduced a very heavy Miners Tax, which taxes the “super profits” of mining companies. It is as controversial as it is heavy handed. That too came under discussion.

Joe Hockey is the Liberals (Right-wing) shadow Treasurer and was at one point a runner for leader of the Opposition (he was defeated).  He opposed the amount of stimulus the government poured out in the heady days of the financial crisis and opposed the Miners Tax as too heavy and unfair. He wants a very generous paid parental leave scheme for working mothers which has also drawn heavy fire.

They met to debate the economy. Here we go!