Well, I did it.

In fact, I did it a week ago.

I began my university studies.

Some time ago I posted about enrolling in university.

Because I live way out in the bush, and because I wanted to stay with family and community, I’ve decided to enroll externally, via Open Universities Australia. That is, I’ll be doing my degree entirely over the internet, without ever setting foot on campus. (I’ve explained my reasons for external study in the above link)

Eventually I want to walk away with a Bachelor of Arts, majoring in History and Politics, from Macquarie University in Sydney.

So last week, I started studying my first unit; from Murdoch University, Western Australia called “SSK12: Introduction to University Learning”. Because the Macquarie BA is so flexible, this unit still counts towards my degree, despite coming from a different study provider. Mum and I (I’m doing this very much hand in hand with my family) chose this one because it will help me get used to the university life and the university expectations and standards. Am I up to university standards?

Let’s find out.

This post is an announcement. I’ll be posting regularly (I hope so) on the stuff I’m learning and thinking about, so I’ll write about the meat of this unit later (but soon).  As they say on nearly every soap opera (and now on this blog too, but that‘s unrelated): “Stay tuned!”.