Yawn. Well that was rather strange. But rather welcome. Feeling crook this morning, and fell asleep for 20 minutes reading Nancy Pearcey’s Total Truth, in the middle of the day! I certainly feel a lot better.

And now something less strange- politics.

Bob Katter, cattleman, independent and big-hat-wearer, has decided to back the Coalition in Australia’s hung parliament. This brings both sides to 74 seats each, with two undecided independents- Oakeshott and Windsor, both from NSW. Admittedly, it was somewhat expected- Bob Katter’s as right wing as they come.

The big thing about Katter’s call is that despite plans to go as a bloc with the other rural independents, he’s made his individual call. This suggests that either he couldn’t back Labor as Oakeshott and Windsor intend; or he’s jumping the gun.

My theory is that Katter benefits well from making an early call. If the other independents go with him, then Katter is the man of the hour, setting the tone, decisive.

If the other two Amigos decide to support Labor, and the whole edifice comes crashing down, Katter’s got clean hands. At the very least, he’s pleased his rural, conservative voters; something else Oakeshott and Windsor will need to placate.

Either way, Katter komes klean.