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Last month I went to a week-long Christian worldview and leadership course called Compass, run by the Australian Christian Lobby. The course covered a lot of ground, and the message I walked away with really touched my heart.

People, including most Christians, have for the last 2400 years been seeing life as a hamburger.

Life was split into two parts- the Sacred and the Secular; and like the buns in a hamburger, they don’t touch. Sacred things- church, morality etc. had nothing to do with secular things like work, family or hobbies. And never the twain shall meet.  There was sometimes (often in the Church) also an attitude that the spiritual things, the Sacred bun, was superior to the sinful physical things in the Secular bun. The Christian goal was to escape the sinful physical world and reach the pure spiritual world in the heavens.

For the Christian, this is not so! In the beginning God created everything, and it was very good. Consider what “everything” means- literally, everything. That’s trees and plants and stars and biology and education and medicine and farming and politics and parenting and plumbing and carpentry. God created all these things for his glory and our enjoyment. If God (the ultimate spiritual entity) created these physical things, then physical things cannot be inherently bad things, just corrupted.

Certainly, sin has twisted all these things- they are no longer very good. But who is Lord of my life? God, or sin? If God is Lord of my life, then I live under Him, not under sin! God created everything, and is my Lord in everything; therefore there is no area in my life- study, work, family, hobbies- that is not ruled by God. The hamburger is destroyed.

That’s why it’s so important to read the Bible, and apply it to every part of our lives. We can’t say “that’s my secular life; I’ll keep my faith out of it”. God created all spheres, and he is Lord over all my spheres. How can I keep God out?

When I die, I know there will be a cross over my grave, and probably a cross over the preacher too. But I want to know, will there be a cross over how I live?