This Friday my entire family goes on our long-awaited family world trip, starting with Singapore, and then Turkey, Italy and finally a week in Switzerland. It’s all very exciting!

It’s been something of a family dream for years now- to go and see the world as a family, together. We decided for Italy and Turkey because all of us wanted to see the history there- everything in Europe is so much older than stuff in Australia!

Our basic itinerary is a day stop-over in Singapore, where we’ll probably visit the zoo (apparently it’s a quite renowned zoo) and then Turkey for two weeks, starting in Istanbul, moving east to Cappadocia (staying as far away from the Syrian border as possible!) and then up along the western coast, visiting all those churches that apostle Paul visited and St. John wrote to in Revelation, as well as dropping in on Gallipoli and the ruins of Troy.

Then we go to Italy, starting with a week in Rome, and then moving north to Florence and Venice. We’re also going to see an Italian opera performed live in a Roman amphitheatre!

After about five weeks of constant travel, we’ll keep heading north to Switzerland, for a week of recuperation among the Alps and the snow. Yes, we will get to see snow for the first time!

I don’t have any real favourite sites I’m especially looking forwards to seeing, but just a few I think I will particularly enjoy would be

– The walls of Istanbul. I’ve always been interested in the Byzantine empire, so it’ll be awesome to see the walls they built which kept the Turks out for a thousand years

– The Roman ruins at Ephesus. I love Rome, and apparently Ephesus has the best Roman ruins in the eastern mediteranean.

– Troy. I’m told there’s not much to see at Troy, but just to stand on the beach where Achilles, Hector, Odysseus, Ajax and Priam supposedly fought and died in Homer’s legendary story will be awesome.

– The Roman forum; everybody talks about the Coliseum but to me I think the best Roman bit of Rome will be the forum because it was the political and cultural epicentre of the Roman empire, where all the interesting stuff happened.

– Snow! I’m so looking forwards to a snowball fight. Gotta have a snowball fight.

It will be interesting to compare this list once I’ve actually been there and see what lived up to my expectations and what surprised me.

I probably won’t be blogging much while I’m away, but we are going to blog every day on our travel blog instead of reading this blog, read that! I’ll be writing on it too. And photos. Lots of photos. Gonna share our photos.